Friday, October 3, 2014


Talk about shifty!--a great topic to get us started on our journey through current events! TALKING POINTS MEMO reported last evening that the chief of staff to Gov. McAuliffe (D-VA) tried keeping resigned democrat State Senator Phillip Puckett in his position by offering his daughter a government job. You can read the account and links to the WASHINGTON POST news from June here. Of course, this stuff goes on more than we’d like to believe. It’s a polite and even in-house bribe with human capital. Why? Democrats still salivate with hope that bending and twisting the State’s Medicaid policies will make conditions better for ObamaCare’s influence. Really? People have to stoop that low to gain one solitary seat in the VA legislature so they can keep the current administration’s favorite project from the past six years in place? As it turns out, the ploy flopped and reports out of the McAuliffe office point the blame at each other. Gov. McAuliffe says its chief of staff, Paul Reagan, acted alone. Others point to the head man himself as instigating the plot to keep the State Senate in the hands of the Democrats. Now, the result? The VA Senate resides in the hands of the State Republican Party. Good luck passing the needed reparations to the State’s Medicaid system so that it complies with the not-so-Affordable Care Act otherwise known as ObamaCare.

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