Thursday, February 5, 2015

During The Hyatus

Okay, it's been a few months since posting. Since the last time, I hit "publish" on here, a. the GOP has retaken the United States Senate, b. I've gotten married, c. the current administration in the White House continues giving us more reasons to doubt their competence in running our nation. And, the current administration still thinks they can run our nation...into the ground. Check out the last few articles on http// from Victor Davis Hanson, and you'll learn how the Obama administration is doing everything it can to change the face, landscape and mindset of America. Of course, for us who have watched the nightly news or listened to conservative talk radio, this is no shocker. Now, the question remains, in this 114th Congress, what do we do about it? Conservative blogger and activist, Sean Noble, makes the case for small victories in a recent article on He compares taking back our liberties to ridding ourselves of financial debt. He refers to Dave Ramsey's debt snowball. As a family pays off small debts, car loans or medical bills first, they measure their progress as they begin attacking larger bills. Borrowing Dave Ramsey's phrase, "the debt snowball," Noble shows how Congress needs to start small--say, repealing the medical device tax--before repealing and replacing the whole of ObamaCare. That's not bad advice. It gives, particularly, the freshmen members of the Legislative Branch confidence as they propose ideas, contribute to committee decisions and communicate with senior members. Of course, Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) bucked the trend by giving the REpublican response to Pres. Obama's state of the union address this January. One may also object that, if conservatives take this incremental/snowball approach, then liberal members will see the big votes coming and prepare their latest stall tactics. The objection may be true. Even so, getting the snowball rolling also builds momentum. The more our representatives see the progress, the more they will want to do more to restore our liberties. The more they speak on behalf of their constituents, the longer we'll elect them to office. The more our voices raise on talkshows, on the telephone and in other media sources, the more our representatives will do well to listen. The snowball will build, keep rolling and--welcome to November 2016--the GOP will retake the White House as well.